If you’re a teacher, what’s the worst part about distance learning?

#teaching #distance_learning

What technologies make your life easier? Which make it harder? Assuming distance learning was the new normal, what technology do you wish existed?

#teaching #distance_learning



There is such a lack of enablement from the administration and deans and supervisors and so on. e have not been trained formally and logically on the technologies and rely on free technology, which feels incredibly unprofessional and the students and parents are struggling.

We use Google classroom in the NYCDOE and it is ok, but missing so many features like a whiteboard and its own native screen share and video conference service.

I also have parent-teacher conferences coming up and really ave no idea how I am going to take this incredible in-person experience and organize it virtually. zero guidance from administration too.

I am hopeful that it can change soon if this is going to be the new normal through the fall semester as well.


One thing I have noticed across the board is a lack of access to technology. Not all students have access to wifi, some are working on smartphones, sharing a computer with siblings, or don't have a desktop or laptop in the home. I have kids that barely show up to class if ever, and most don't hand in any assignments at all right now.

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