What is StudyVue?

StudyVue is born out of the desire for knowledge in a sea of misinformation. On the internet there's all the information you could ever want but so much of it is unvalidated or lost amongst the banter of chats and message boards. Most of this information isn't geared towards younger students who require accuracy, but sometimes needs things explained in the right way. Students aren't the only ones who need help. Parents and teachers have questions as well, in fact everyone could benefit from validated answers.

Asking questions is hard on social channels. While removing anonymity seemingly creates accountability, it makes asking questions an opportunity to be judged. How often do we want to ask a question in the classroom but decide not to because we are afraid of how we will be judged by our peers? How often to teachers wish they could get a bit more clarity around a subject they are teaching without the fear of asking a stupid question? We wanted to create a safe space that allows for anonymous questions and answers, where the best answers are voted up and the worst are voted down without the fear of tarnishing ones name. Ask any question, take a crack at providing an explanation, and let the community surface the best answers. Its not about who asks, or who answers, its just about the content.

Despite our platform being anonymous, we still require an email address to provide a level of accountability to maintain a safe space for everyone. Every piece of content can be reported to our moderation team and will be swiftly taken down if it is found to violate our ground rules. Abuse will not be tolerated here as it is on other platforms.

So login, all you need is an email, ask a question, any question at all and teachers, parents, students and experts are here to help.