how do i complete this math problem?




The key to this is to remember your order of operations, PEMDAS. Parenthesis, exponents, multiply, divide, add, subtract.

So we always begin with the inner most parenthesis. In this case ‘2 + 19’ which leaves us with ‘4x6(3(21)+9)’. Here’s where it can get squirly we have to take care of the next set of parenthesis but what to do about ‘3(21)’? When these numbers are listed like this the operation is multiply which comes before addition so now we have ‘4x6(63 + 9)’. Moving right along we now complete the parenthesis and are left with ‘4x6(72)’ since the order of the numbers doesn’t matter when we multiply we can do 4x6 first or 6x72 first but in the end the final answer is ‘1,728’.

Key is to always keep the order of operations in mind and start with the inner most parenthesis first.

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